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Post Holiday Hours to Employee Timecards

This process can only be performed by user's with the "SysAdmin" role in Timeco. If you are unsure of your role on the website, please reach out to one of your admin members and request that they check for you.

Before the holiday can be posted, it must first be setup. This is done by selecting the gear icon - holidays, then clicking the Add New Holiday button.

Enter the name of the holiday, and the date if falls on, put a check mark in the box next to each pay rule it will apply to, enter the number of hours to add to the timecards, then click the Save button.

When you are in the pay period the holiday falls on, return to the gear icon - holidays, and click the Post button to apply it to the timecards.

The Post button is only active within a window of two weeks before the date of the holiday, then up to two weeks after that date.

It is important that you do not post the holiday ahead of the pay period. Doing so could prevent someone hired after it was posted from being paid, and someone terminated being paid if it was posted too early.

If a holiday was posted incorrectly, return to the gear icon - holidays, and click the Unpost button, make the necessary corrections, and post it once more.

Note that the holiday will only post to unapproved timecards. If it was posted, and unposted, timecards would all need to ne unapproved before the holiday is posted again in order for it to appear on them.

Below is an example of two holidays. July 4th is "posted" and Labor Day is "not posted". You can reference this example when checking to see if your holidays are posted.

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