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Import Transactions (Hours or Dollars) into the Timecards

CSV File Specifications

The import file must be in the CSV format (comma delimited) and must contain these columns:

  • Employee Number OR ID - the numerical identifier of the employee. This must match what is on the employee profile Employee Number or ID field in Timeco (Maintenance à Employees section).
  • Value – Amount imported as hours or dollars. The hours or dollars value will depend on how the category is setup.
  • Date – The transaction will be set as of this date (MM/DD/YYYY).
  • Category – Pay category to be imported. Important – this must match your pay category name.
  • Department – The home department of the employee.

Graphical user interface

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Running the Import

  1. In Timeco, Navigate to the ‘Gear icon’ at the top right - Import
  2. At the top right corner, click Add Import
  3. Select Transactions under Import Type.
    1. In the File to Import section, point the system to your formatted csv file using Browse, then at the bottom click Import Now.

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Next, we define the import template (screenshot below), to be used for future imports. Descriptions of the fields below:

  • Use This Mapping - Once saved, your existing import template will be displayed here. For your first import, this will be blank.
  • Mapping Name - The description of your import. It is recommended that you use the name of your pay category here (Tips, Regular, Vacation, etc).
  • First Row Contains Headers: If your CSV file contains headers, check this box.
  • Field Mapping: Match the fields in your import file (left column) with the correct mapping in Timeco (right column), as seen below in the screenshot.

When completed – click Save Mapping and Import at the bottom to start your import process. It will take a few minutes for the import to complete.


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After the import finishesyou may receive import errors following the import. 

Review carefully, then adjust your CSV import file accordingly. If unsure what an error truly means, contact support@timeco.com.

In this example, our employee number 1234 does not currently exist in the system. 


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