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Find and Fix a Missing Punch

If an employee forgets to punch in or out, you will see this indicator on the timecard:

There are several great ways to find missing punches:

  1. Dashboard (Exceptions module)
  2. Employee Timecards
  3. Daily Review
  4. Approvals
  5. Reporting >> Exceptions >> Missing Punch report

To correct the Missed Punch, highlight the  text, enter the time of the missing punch, then click the Save Timecard button at the bottom of the page.

It doesn't matter if this was a missing 'in', or 'out' punch. The system will order the punches automatically, based on the time/day the punch was entered for (see example screenshot below). 

If the employee worked overnight, and forgot to punch out the next morning:

Double-click on the cell with the MISSING text in it, enter the time they punched out, but be sure to change the date to the correct date (generally this is the 'next' day - keep in mind a new day begins at 12am)

When you save the timecard, the punch will move to the correct date on the timecard automatically. 

If the above solutions are not working for overnight shifts, it is possible that your rules need updating.

The default for 'max shift length' is 17 hours, so if an employee is working a longer shift, please let support know that you need for this to be adjusted.

As well the 'new day start' time may need to be adjusted for an employee who happens to be working later into the morning - we can help with that, let us know!

More info on overnight punches:

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